Monday, December 9, 2013

How to see the FPS (Frame Per Second) of a game? How to record and save game videos and screenshots?

Many times you would be wanting to see the frame rates of the game you are playing, or you would want to save some screenshots. There are many applications for it on the web, but let me show you the easiest way of doing these tasks.

FRAPS is an advanced screenshot and FPS display utility in simple words. Install it and you can see the current FPS in whatever game you play. You can also save screenshots with just a press of a button. Same goes with videos, you can capture your in-game videos easily with this app.

Download here:

How to install it and see my fps in my game?
1)Download from the link above
2)Install it in your pc, start it
3)Now click on FPS tab 
 4)Now as you can see, 'F11' is the default key to display FPS in your game, you can change it to whatever button you like
5)Start the game, and you can see the FPS in your game. It will be in one of the corners of the screen, in yellow text. You can shut it off by pressing the 'F11' key.

How to save screenshots?
1)Click on the 'Screenshots' tab
2)'F10' is the default screen capture key, as seen above.
3)Press 'F10' in any game and the screenshot will be saved.
4)To see your screenshots, go the screenshots directory of fraps. It will probably be 

How to save videos of games?
1)Click the 'Movies' tab

 2)'F9' is your default key to record videos in games
 3)Start any game, press 'F9' ONCE, your video will start recording, when you want to stop recording, press 'F9' again.
4)You can find your video in 'C:\Fraps\Movies'

Feel free to ask any doubts about this or any other topic!