Monday, June 13, 2016

Must Have Accessories for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

best accessories for xiaomi redmi note 3

Xiaomi has been in the Indian Market for quite some time. The Redmi Prime and its previous models sold very well, but then it lost its popularity. Xiaomi made a sensational comeback in the Indian smartphone market under the Rs. 15000 smartphone category with its Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. The phone provided high end specifications at a price tag of only Rs. 10000 for the 16GB/2GB version. This price made it sell like hot cakes. Over a million registrations prove the fact that almost everyone with a budget of upto Rs. 15000 wanted a Redmi Note 3 for them. This and the flash sales model really increased the desire of people to get the phones. Some people bought them with several accounts and sold them on websites such as OLX and Quikr for a commission!

If you are among the millions who recently bought the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, then here is a list of some accessories which you should really consider buying. While the Redmi Note 3 is a great smartphone, buying some accessories will make daily tasks easier for you. Some of the accessories listed below like the Tempered Glass & Case are essential as the phone doesn't come with a Gorilla Glass protection. Also we would recommend buying premium Tempered and cases online, rather than buying from the mobile markets in your city. While the online products maybe a bit costly, a few rupees spent extra can save your Rs. 10000 mobile from cracks and damages.

Must Have Accessories for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3:

1) Case for Redmi Note 3

There are several types of cases available such as a clear transparent case to belt cases to military grade cases. If you have a normal usage and take good care of your phone, then a nice back cover which covers the edges and the front part is enough. Have a look at the iPaky Premium TPU Back Cover for Redmi Note 3. The cover looks classy and provides nice protection to your phone. 

Chevron Back Cover Case for Xiaomi RedMi Note 3 (Gold) [Military Grade Version 2.0 With Kick Stand Hybrid Back Cover Case]  

If you need more protection, or drop your phone too often, then go for a military grade rugged case which can withstand bumps and drops and protect your phone. The Chevron Golden Military Grade Case for Redmi Note 3 has a nice Golden color, and provides good armor for your phone. Also it comes with a Kickstand so you can use it to put the phone on a surface and watch videos on it.

2) Tempered Glass

The Redmi Note 3 comes without a Gorilla Glass. It has a basic hardened glass. Buying a Tempered Glass protects the screen from cracks arising due to falls, hitting objects in your pocket, scratches etc. Have a look at the FOSO Tempered Glass. It has extra hardness and fits perfectly on your smartphone. We would recommend to get it fitted at a local mobile shop for a mere Rs 20-30 rather than trying yourself.
Tempered Glass for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

3) Power Bank

Power banks make it easy to travel around without worrying about charges and battery consumption. The Redmi Note 3 has a 4000 mAH battery which can easily last a day long. But if you are out of your home or office and need a quick charge, then a power bank is really useful. Also during Train journeys or other long distance journeys, chances of finding a wall socket are less. So its advisable to invest in a high capacity power bank which can charge your phone atleast twice. We would recommend the Intex IT-PB10KW 10000 mAH powerbank for your Note 3. It has dual USB ports, high charging current of 2.1A and fits nice in your hands.
Power Bank for Redmi Note 3

4) Earphones

The Note 3 doesn't come with earphones, so we recommend to buy a high quality pair of earphones to have the best music experience. Check out Best Earphones under Rs. 1000 in India

5) Car Charger

If you travel by car a lot, then a car charges becomes handy at times. It plugs in the Cigarette Lighter socket and charges your phones. The Capdase Car Charger is a real value for money. It comes with 4 USB ports to charge upto 4 devices simultaneously. It provides high charging current upto 6.2A, with overload detection. 

Capdase Car Charger

6) Selfie Stick

A selfie stick really makes a difference in clicking the perfect selfies with your friends. You can click selfies at angles which are not possible with your hands. Also it makes taking group selfies very convenient. Have a look at the Voltaa Selfie Stick for Android. It has a premium build quality and connects with your Redmi Note 3 via the 3.5mm Earphone jack.

Selfie Stick 

7) Camera Lens Kit

This one is for Photo Enthusiasts. If you are someone who likes to click high quality pictures, then  its a good idea to buy a camera lens kit. The kits come with various lenses such a Macro Lens, Wide angle lens, Fish Eye lens etc. A cheap option is the Photron Camera Lens Kit. It comes with 3 different lenses at a very low price of only Rs. 200. 
camera lens kit for smartphone