Sunday, December 8, 2013

Choosing the best internet plan that suits your needs.

Internet is now a necessity, well we all need the necessary things right?
With many ISP(Internet Service Providers)s in the market, with several offers and tariff to choose from, it becomes really necessary to do some research before getting a plan for yourself. 
Here I give some tips that will help anyone planning to get a plan for internet, whether on mobile or on the pc:

1)Wired or wireless?
This is a quite important topic to consider when getting an internet plan. If you plan to use internet on your laptop regularly at different places, say at college or office, or if you plan to use the internet while travelling, your best bet would be to get a wireless dongle. But be aware that although wireless connections are getting cheap now, and while they provide flexibilty, can never match the wired connections. If you plan to play online games, then probably you will need a wired connection, or a DSL line, like BSNL and MTNL provides in India. Also if you are a person who downloads a lot, then get a wired connection, preferebly an unlimited plan.

2)Understand the terms
FUP- Fair Usage Policy, you will see this term mentioned on the tariff of most internet plans. This basically means the amount of data you can Download/Upload (DL/UL) at the maximum plan speed. For example if you have a 4MBPS plan with 8GB of FUP, then you can DL/UL a total of 8GB of data per month at the speed of 4MBPS speed. After you cross the 8GB mark, you will have your speed reduced, which is usually mentioned in the tariff plan as the post FUP speed.

3)Check local services
In most areas, there are local Internet Service Providers such as Cyber Cafes, Cable TV providers, etc. They do have cheaper tariff plans, so its always better to check them once.
One thing to always remember is to check the internet connection by opening in the internet browser, and checking the ping and the download speeds.

Ping means the amount of time taken in sending a data packet and receiving a response from the server where you sent the packet. If you are to play online games, then this is the most important factor for you. The less the ping, the more faster the internet connection will be. A ping of ~100 ms will be good for daily usage, and a ping of less then ~80ms will be good for online gaming.

If you have any more doubts feel free to ask in the comments section.