Sunday, April 6, 2014

How to play classic Video Games like Super Mario Bros, Contra etc. on your Computer?

Classic Video Games, Super Mario Bros., Contra!

We all remember those days when in our free time we used to sit down in front of the Television, connected the gaming console of the 90s, the Nintendo Entertainment System. In India, the name itself was not that famous, no one really knew that the video games which they bought from the local store with the cassettes was Nintendo Entertainment System or NES. In Americas and Japan it was very famous, and it was the console of its time. The upgraded version of NES was SNES, which was also very widespread.

This is what I am talking about:
snes video game old school
90s TV Video Game System
super mario bros nes
Super Maio Bros. Video Game

Playing on one of these was fun, especially when you are playing with your siblings or friends. I remember fighting for the powerups in the Contra game while playing with my sister. Those days were really fun! But then computers became cheap and other consoles like the Sony Playstation came, and this was forgotten. If you are like me who occasionally feels nostalgic and wants to relive those days of these video games, then there is a way to play those games on your computer. Lets see how:

Playing (emulating) NES/SNES video games on computer

What we will be doing is called emulating. So first download an NES emulator on your computer. I like JNES, because it has good emulation features. You can download JNES here. 
Install it on your computer. Now you need to get the games! They are called ROMs. Here are some links where you can find your favourite games aka ROMs:

After getting the ROMs, place all of them in a single folder on any of your hard disk drive. Start JNES. Click on File-->Change Directory

jnes screenshots change directory
Now just select the folder where you have kelp your downloaded ROMs, and thats it! Now you can double click on any game, and play it. To change the controller buttons, go to Options-->Input and change the buttons to your liking.

My favourite NES game was Super Mario Bros and Excite Bike. What is yours? Tell us below in the comments box!