Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Virtual DJ Automix Automatic mp3 playback, using smartphone remote control.

Many times there are occasions when you become the DJ, be it your house family function, festivals, or any other parties. The most important thing in such events is to play the music seamlessly, just like a professional DJ plays. But if you want to do it automatically, and enjoy the function as well, then let me show you how to, and of course, with a tight budge.

Set up Virtual DJ

-->We will be using Virtual DJ. It is a popular software for newbies and home DJs, who want to play and do some basic Djing with their music collection. You can buy Virtual DJ from this link
Or if you already have it installed, then its fine.
-->You need to make a playlist of all the music that you want to play, or put all the files you want to play in ONE folder. Making a playlist is more flexible.
-->Now you need a remote to control Virtual DJ. We will be using our smartphone for this purpose, because we all have a smartphone with us. You will also need a WiFi router to connect the computer and the smartphone.

Setting up the Remote

You can download the following remote apps on your smartphone, based on your smartphone's operating system. You also need to download their respected server desktop applications on your computer.



Windows Phone:

After installing the app on your phone and desktop, you need to connect both devices on the same WiFi network using your WiFi router.

-->Connect your laptop or desktop with the router.
-->Start the desktop application on your computer, and follow the respective instructions to make a server.
-->Now if you have successively made the server, then you must see an IP address on the desktop application. Note it down.
-->Now start the app on your phone, and connect it to the server. If you cant connect it automatically, then insert the IP address which you have noted, and connect manually.
-->If you are successful in connecting, then you will now have complete access of your PC on your smartphone. Congo!

Playing the Music:

-->Now, you have to connect the audio cables from your laptop/desktop to your speaker system. Note that everything is being played from your computer only, your smartphone is ONLY a remote, with which you will change the songs, change the volume and make other operations, on the move. You can dance in your party, and at the same time, change the song seamlessly, just by clicking on your smartphone.
-->With the server running on your PC, start Virtual DJ, and load the playlist or the music folder, which contains the music files you want to play, to the right side playlist:
virtual dj playlist

-->Now drag the first file from the right side playlist, to the Deck A. Now click the green colored AUTOMIX button, as shown below:
virtual dj automix
-->That's it, you have now created an Automix. It will play all the music files in the playlist, nonstop. Also it will kill the gap between the files and automatically crossfade between the tracks. You can configure these options, below the the green colored button.
-->Now we need to make keyboard shortcuts for play/pause, skipping the song.
-->Click on CONFIG on the top of the Virtual DJ screen. Now depending on the version of your Virtual DJ, you must be having a tab called "Keyboard Shortcuts" or "Mapping". 
-->Click on that tab, and now configure the keyboard button which you would like for play/pause. I generally use the function keys, F1-F12, because they are easy to operate from the phone. 
-->Also you need to create a new keyboard shortcut for skipping the song from the automix. For this, click on ADD, and then select "automix_skip" from the list, and assign a keyboard button to it. You can do this for adding or changing any shortcuts to your liking.
virtual dj keyboard shortcut

-->That's it. Now you can press the keyboard shortcut for play/pause on your smartphone, and it will affect on the Virtual DJ. For example, i have selected F12 as the key for automix skip, so if I press F12 from the remote application, then it will send it to the computer, via WiFi, and the song will be skipped, that too with crossfading.

-->You can add your samples, and also add shortcuts for those samples.

If you have any queries, feel free to leave a comment.