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5 things India needs to improve in terms of Technology

5 things India needs to improve in terms of Technology

India is a developing country, and it is developing fast. We now have the latest technologies coming to India and we use it a lot. But still it is not enough. Lets say we dont always get the updates on smartphones, the same day they are released for other countries. We still dont have much flexibility in purchasing phones like other countries have with the flexible contact plans and other schemes. So lets see in what India needs to improve:

1) 2G Internet vs 3G

When the world is talking LTE and 4G networks, we still beg that atleast our facebook pages open on our pathetic 2G connections. Even worse is the price we pay for it. Although we have 1 paisa/sec tariff rates, which we enjoy a lot, still internet is very expensive. Also unlimited 3G is a dream for us. With a billion population, we seriously need cheaper rates for 2G and 3G, and I hope that day will come soon when we use 4G daily.
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2)Air Conditioning

Now you may argue that what the hell has Air Conditioning got to do with Technology. My answer would be, just check how many places have air conditioning when you step out of your home? Air Conditioning is still considered as a luxury rather than a necessity. Foreign countries like Singapore, Japan have all the public transport systems in full air condition, where as we travel in our mighty rickshaws and buses with clothes sharing the scent of everyone. No matter you apply AXE or Wildstone, none can make you smell great when you use the public travel system in India. We really need to have efficient public transport, where you not only reach your destination, but you also enjoy every moment of it. Also trains need to have more A/C compartments, and a reduction in A/C fares. Also all public places should be air conditioned, atleast important government offices.

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3) Special Hardware and Hobby Stores

Special hardware stores which provide the latest liquid cooling kits, custom gaming pcs, cool cabinets, modifications for computers, imported parts etc. are still not available easily in India. There is just not enough demand maybe. Also hobby stores such as RadioShack are not found commonly in India. For example you are making some remote controlled project or lets say you want some specific tools for your projects or your home, you cant find it. We dont have specialized stores for that. All the stores we have in India sell the products in the general categories, the "running products". This needs to change. Also we cannot find stores selling custom parts for automobiles. Silencers, body kits, decals are very rare to find. The only specialty places in India are the Chor-Bazaar!

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4) Practical Education 

Lets face it, India's education is not very good. Still importance is only given to theoretical knowledge. Educational institutions are only concerned with how much you can write, rather than how much you know and how much you can do. For example, lets take Computer Engineering. They dont teach you how to format a computer or install a software or troubleshoot problems in most courses. They only teach you the instructions, diagrams and theories. I have seen many people who have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, but cant even format their own pc, some cannot even install softwares and games. Now this is happening currently in India. The engineers who have the task of improving the technology in India are bounded to only theoretical knowledge. This greatly hinders the technological development. Many times you must have found the salespersons in electronic shops have no idea about the products, in fact you know more about the product then them.

Also talking about the Technology Education in India, most institutions providing technical education, for example C language, computer programming, etc are not upto the mark. They only teach the basics in the courses, and that too very badly. I once had a friend who took up a course of C Language in CDAC, which is a government recognized institution. He found that most of the time he was teaching the teacher, and at the end, he didnt learn a single new thing. All he got was a government recognized certificate. With this types of institutions, how can India develop technologically?

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5) Public Transport System

With the implementation of BRTS projects in many cities, we also need automatic ticket system. The system which is used in the developed countries includes just a plastic cash card, and ticket terminals in Taxis, Buses and Trains. You just need to tap the card at the ticket terminal when you enter the bus or train, and then tap it again at exit, very simple! This can be implemented in India. As I said above we need Air-Conditioned Buses, Taxis and Trains in every major city. Also government should take the initiative and make out tenders for this, so that private companies can make the metro trains in different cities on BOT basis. Then we can just have one ticket card, top up it like our mobile balance once in a month, and then use it everywhere, buses, taxis and trains. This will surely make India technologically advanced, especially when any visitors from foreign countries visit India. 

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