Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How to Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to Android Phone

transfer contacts from windows phone to android

In this blog post we will see the best way to transfer contacts from your Windows Phone to an Android Smartphone. Follow the steps as shown below:

1) Log in to your Outlook account from here.
2) Click on the button on the Top Left corner. Then click on 'People' people hub
3) Click on Manage on the Top Bar. Then click on 'Export for and other services'.       Download the CSV file.
export csv file from

4) Download CSV to Vcard converter from here and install it.
5) Open the software which you just installed i.e. CSV to Vcard converter. Select the CSV file which was downloaded from Click on 'Convert'.
6) A VCF file containing all your contacts will be created in the folder containing the CSV file. Now just copy and paste the VCF file to your Android Phone's internal storage.
7) **This step may vary depending on your Phone Model** Import your contacts in your phone. Go to Contacts and Import from Internal Storage. It may be different according to your phone, just search it online how to import contacts. Select the VCF file and import it. Done! All your contacts should be available in your Phone.

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