Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tips for efficient Google search.

We all use Google daily, its our path to the internet. Now in Google, you can just type anything and get the search results. But many times you must not be able to find the particular thing you want, and that's what I will show you how. I am showing some general tips and hints for searching efficiently on Google, for almost anything.

1)Don't use too much grammar
-->Humans talk in natural language, but computers simply don't. So one of the most important things while searching is to use as little grammar, and only type the KEY words, which you want to search. Some examples:
a)"Which are good broadband plans available in India?"
You should instead write "best broadband plans india"

b)"What to do if my bike is not starting in winter mornings?"
You can write "Bike cold starting problem"

2)Searching for a particular filetype
-->Sometimes we need some document, some powerpoint presentation, or maybe some other particular file type. You can specify specific filetypes to search for in Google. Then it will search your term in those filetypes only and return that files in search results.
For that you can use "filetype:xyz searchterm" where xyz stands for the filetype stands for the type of file, which can be .mp3, .rar, .doc, .ppt etc.

3)Search in FTP sites
-->There are thousands of FTP servers worldwide. If you cant find your particular files anywhere, you can try searching it on FTP servers. While it is tedious to search FTP sites with google, you can use other search engines such as
or  or other FTP search engines. For easily downloading from a FTP server, you will need a good FTP client, which is a software which is a type of browser for FTP sites. You can use FileZilla for this purpose, Get filezilla from here

4)Using different search types of Google
--> Sometimes if you are searching for a review of a product, some advice, some how-to, or other things which are people's opinions and people's talks, then use the "Discussions" tab of Google search. Using it will enable you search specifically for people's talks, and you can efficiently find it there.

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