Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Best Free casual Windows Phone 8 Games

The Best Casual Games for Windows Phone 8

If you own a Windows Phone 8 device like the Nokia Lumias and if you think you dont have games like Android and iOS, then you got to think again. Here we present some of the best casual games for Windows Phone 8 that can make you addicted to them!

Reaper is a free RPG game on the Windows Phone store. You take the role of a black swordsman and use your swords and other weapons to slash enemies!
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reaper game windows phone

2)Don't Tap on the While Tile

Only one rule, don't tap the white tile. Simple game, isn't it? Well you got to play it to see how simple that is. Seems very easy at first, but as the speed increases, it tests your reflexes. Very good for thumb and finger exercise at ultra speeds!
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don't tap on the white tile windows phone

3) Flow Free
Flow Free is a free game in the Windows Phone store. You connect dots of different colors. You start with easy levels, and then get to difficult ones. It will surely give a perfect brain exercise!
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flow free windows phone

4) Logo Quiz Ultimate
This is a simple Windows Phone game, you just have to guess the name of the company from its logo. Try it now, and see how many logos can you identify.
WP Store Link 
logo quiz ultimate windows phone

5)Flappy Bird
This one needs no introduction! Just tap tap and make way for the flappy bird! For some its extremely addictive, and some seem to break their phones because of the frustration caused by its difficulty, though it is very easy to play!
WP Store Link
flappy bird windows phone

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