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The most essential Plugins and Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox.

Best Plugins for Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, the free and open-source, is the third most used Web Browsers, only behind Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Google's Chrome. Firefox is liked by many people because of its stability, security, and large amount of available plugins. Firefox is the preferred browser for many professional internet users, because of its interface. If you are using Firefox, then you must be using some plugins. Plugins make web browsing more easy and efficient. One tip for everyone is to remove ALL unnecessary and unknown extensions and plugins. Some of them may be malicious viruses and may harm your computer, sometimes stealing your personal data. Also refrain from using more than one toolbar. Here are some of the best and essential Firefox Plugins:

1)Noscript (Noscript Security Suite)

Noscript is an open-source extension available free for Mozilla Firefox. It is a security suite as it allows you to block JavaScript, Flash, and other plugins. Essentially it makes web browsing more safer for you. It also blocks some malicious scripts from web pages to execute. If you have a slow internet connection, then you can speed up loading web pages by disabling all the plugins on the page, so Advertisements, and other scripts will not load, and most pages will load very fast. You can download it here.

noscript security suite for mozilla firefox


gTranslate is a translation plugin, which makes it very easy to translate words on the go. You just have to select the word, and right click, and you can instantly see the translation in the language you want! It make translation very fast. Give it a try here
gtranslate plugin for mozilla firefox

3)Flash Video Downloader (FVD)

Almost all of us would download videos from the internet, from Youtube, from TED or from other sites. This extension allows you to download videos from almost all sites. You can download videos with just a click. Also you can download the video in different formats and different qualities. Download Flash Video Downloader here for Firefox.

4)Groowe Search Toolbar

There are many useless toolbars out there for Firefox, which just load up your system, and slow down Firefox. But this one is a light and easy to use toolbar which makes searching much easier. It supports lots of search engines, including Youtube. Download Groowe Search Toolbar here.
groowe search toolbar for mozilla firefox

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